Harper nomination to new NCUA Board term nearing Senate vote

The president’s renomination of Todd M. Harper to a full term on the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board appears to be nearing a Senate vote this week under a unanimous consent agreement – a device generally reserved for noncontroversial matters.

Harper, first nominated to the agency board by former President Donald Trump, was confirmed in March 2019 and joined the board that April. He was designated chairman in January 2020 by President Joe Biden and has been serving in holdover status since April 2021, when his board term expired.

Biden nominated him to a new term last year and resubmitted that nomination this Jan. 4. Harper’s nomination to a new term was approved by the Senate Banking Committee Jan. 19 on a vote of 17-7. If confirmed, Harper would have a term that continues through April 10, 2027.