A list of the status of recent regulatory actions – advance notices of proposed rulemaking (ANPRs), proposed and final regs, guidance. Shows dates proposed and finalized, compliance and/or implementation dates. To access detail on an individual item, click on the title of the item.

OCCCommunity Reinvestment Act Regulations; Request for Public InputCRARequest for information2020/01/09
FDIC, OCCCommunity Reinvestment Act RegulationsCRAProposed rule2020/01/08
OCCEmployment Contracts, Mutual to Stock Conversions, Technical AmendmentsEmployment contracts, conversionsProposed rule2020/01/09
CFPBRemittance Transfers under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E)RemittancesProposed rule2020/01/03
OCCClarification of 'valid-when-made' rule (Permissible interest on loans that are sold, assigned, or otherwise transferred)Valid-when-madeANPR2020/01/03
NCUANCUA Proposed Rule, Part 722, Residential Real Estate AppraisalsAppraisalsProposed rule2020/01/03
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCMargin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap EntitiesSwapsProposed rule2019/12/31
Federal ReserveFederal Reserve Bank Capital StockRegulation IFinal rule2019/12/16
FDICIncorporation of Existing Statement of Policy Regarding Requests for Participation in the Affairs of an Insured Depository Institution by Convicted Individuals (Section 19)Section 19Proposed rule2019/12/16
FDICFederal Interest Rate AuthorityValid-when-madeProposed rule2019/12/13
OCC, Federal Reserve, FDICRegulatory Capital Treatment for High Volatility Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) ExposuresHVCREFinal rule2019/12/13
Federal ReserveRegulatory Capital Rules: Risk-Based Capital Requirements for Depository Institution Holding Companies Significantly Engaged in Insurance ActivitiesRisk-based capitalProposed rule2019/12/09
FDICAssessmentsDeposit InsuranceFinal rule2019/12/05
NCUAExceptions to Employment Restrictions under Section 205(d) of the Federal Credit Union Act (“Second Chance IRPS”)ProhibitionsFinal IRPS2019/12/02
Federal ReserveSingle-Counterparty Credit Limits for Bank Holding Companies and Foreign Banking OrganizationsSingle-counterparty credit limitsProposed rule2019/11/20
OCCOther Real Estate Owned and Technical AmendmentsOREOFinal rule2019/11/20
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCProhibitions and Restrictions on Proprietary Trading and Certain Interests in, and Relationships With, Hedge Funds and Private Equity FundsVolcker RuleFinal rule2019/11/13
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCRegulatory Capital Rule: Simplifications to the Capital Rule Pursuant to the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act of 1996CapitalFinal rule2019/11/12
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCRegulatory Capital Rule: Capital Simplification for Qualifying Community Banking OrganizationsCBLRFinal rule2019/11/12
Federal ReserveSupervision and Regulation Assessments of Fees for Bank Holding Companies and Savings and Loan Holding Companies With Total Consolidated Assets of $100 Billion or MoreFee assessmentsProposed rule2019/11/12
NCUAChartering and Field of MembershipChartering, FOMProposed rule2019/11/07
TreasuryAssessment of Fees on Certain Bank Holding Companies and Nonbank Financial Companies Supervised by the Federal Reserve Board To Cover the Expenses of the Financial Research FundFee assessmentsProposed rule2019/11/04
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCChanges to Applicability Thresholds for Regulatory Capital Requirements for Certain U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Banking Organizations and Application of Liquidity Requirements to Foreign Banking Organizations, Certain U.S. Depository Institution Holding Companies, and Certain Depository Institution SubsidiariesCapitalFinal rule2019/11/01
FDICRemoval of Transferred OTS Regulations Regarding Certain Regulations for the Operations of State Savings AssociationsOTS regulationsProposed rule2019/11/01
NCUAPublic Unit and Nonmember SharesNonmember depositsProposed rule2019/11/01
FDICCompany-Run Stress Testing Requirements for FDIC-Supervised State Nonmember Banks and State Savings AssociationsStress testingFinal rule2019/10/23
CFPBHome Mortgage Disclosure (Regulation C)HMDAProposed rule2019/10/10
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCReal Estate AppraisalsAppraisalsFinal rule2019/10/09
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCThresholds Increase for the Major Assets Prohibition of the Depository Institution Management Interlocks Act RulesInterlocksFinal rule2019/10/09
OCCAmendments to the Stress Testing Rules for National Banks and Federal Savings AssociationsStress testingFinal rule2019/10/09
FDICInterest Rate Restrictions on Institutions That Are Less Than Well CapitalizedRate capsProposed rule2019/10/09
NCUASupervisory Committee Audits and VerificationsAuditsFinal rule2019/10/07
NCUAFederal Credit Union BylawsBylawsFinal rule2019/10/04
NCUAPayday Alternative Loans (PALS) IIPayday loansFinal Rule2019/10/01
FDICSecuritization Safe Harbor RuleSecuritizations, participationsProposed rule2019/08/22
OCCAssessment of FeesAssessmentsFinal rule2019/08/21
Federal ReserveRegulation D: Reserve Requirements of Depository InstitutionsInterest on reservesFinal rule2019/08/12
Federal ReserveRegulation A: Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve BanksPrimary, secondary creditFinal rule2019/08/12
Federal ReserveFederal Reserve Actions to Support Interbank Settlement of Faster PaymentsFaster paymentsNotice and request for comment2019/08/09
CFPBQualified Mortgage Definition under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)Qualified mortgageANPR2019/07/31
FDICRecordkeeping for Timely Deposit Insurance DeterminationDeposit InsuranceFinal rule2019/07/29
NCUAReal estate appraisalsAppraisalsFinal rule2019/07/24
NCUAFidelity bonds for credit unionsFidelity bondsFinal rule2019/07/24
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCRegulatory Capital Rules: Treatment of Land Development Loans for the Definition of High Volatility Commercial Real Estate ExposureCapital, HVCREProposed rule2019/07/23
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCC Revisions to Prohibitions and Restrictions on Proprietary Trading and Certain Interests in, and Relationships With, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds (Volcker rule)Volcker ruleFinal rule2019/07/19
FDICJoint Ownership Deposit AccountsDeposit insuranceFinal rule2019/07/19
CFPB, Federal ReserveAvailability of Funds and Collection of Checks (Regulation CC)Reg CCFinal rule2019/07/08
CFPBHome Mortgage Disclosure (Regulation C) Data Points and CoverageHMDAANPR2019/07/02
NCUADelay of Effective Date of the Risk-Based Capital RulesCapital, risk-based capitalProposed rule2019/06/26
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCReduced Reporting for Covered Depository InstitutionsCall reportsFinal rule2019/06/21
CFPBDebt Collection Practices (Regulation F)Debt collectionProposed rule2019/06/19
CFPBPayday, Vehicle Title, and Certain High-Cost Installment Loans; Delay of Compliance Date (mandatory underwriting provisions)Payday lendingFinal rule2019/06/17
FDIC, Federal ReserveResolution Plans RequiredResolution plansProposed rule2019/06/10
Federal ReserveControl and Divestiture ProceedingsBank controlProposed rule2019/06/10
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCLiquidity Coverage Ratio Rule: Treatment of Certain Municipal Obligations as High-Quality Liquid AssetsHQLA, LCRFinal rule2019/06/05
OCCCovered Savings AssociationsSavings institutionsFinal rule2019/05/23
Federal ReserveRegulation D: Reserve Requirements of Depository InstitutionsReg DFinal rule2019/05/22
Federal ReserveNetting Eligibility for Financial InstitutionsNettingProposed rule2019/05/02
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCRegulatory Capital Rule: Revisions to the Supplementary Leverage Ratio to Exclude Certain Central Bank Deposits of Banking Organizations Predominantly Engaged in Custody, Safekeeping and Asset Servicing ActivitiesCapitalProposed rule2019/04/30
OCCFiduciary Capacity; Non-Fiduciary Custody ActivitiesFiduciary activitiesANPR2019/04/29
NCUACompensation in Connection with Loans to Members and Lines of Credit to MembersCompensationANPR2019/04/23
FDICResolution Plans Required for Insured Depository Institutions with $50 Billion or More in Total AssetsResolution plansANPR2019/04/22
FDICLimited Exception for a Capped Amount of Reciprocal Deposits from Treatment as Brokered DepositsBrokered depositsFinal rule2019/04/15
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCRegulatory Capital Treatment for Investments in Certain Unsecured Debt Instruments of Global Systemically Important U.S. Bank Holding Companies, Certain Intermediate Holding Companies, and Global Systemically Important Foreign Banking OrganizationsCapitalProposed rule2019/04/08
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCRegulatory Capital Rule: Implementation and Transition of the Current Expected Credit Losses Methodology for Allowances and Related Adjustments to the Regulatory Capital Rule and Conforming Amendments to Other RegulationsCECLFinal rule2019/03/28
NCUALoans to Members and Lines of Credit to MembersLendingFinal rule2019/03/27
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCMargin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap EntitiesSwapsInterim final rule2019/03/19
FDICDisclosure of Financial and Other Information by FDIC-Insured State Nonmember BanksReportingFinal rule2019/03/18
Federal ReserveAmendments to the Capital Plan RuleCapitalFinal rule2019/03/13
Federal ReserveRegulation D: Reserve Requirements of Depository InstitutionsReg DANPR2019/03/12
CFPBAdvance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy FinancingPACEANPR2019/03/08
CFPBTechnical Specifications for Submissions to the Prepaid Account Agreements DatabasePrepaidsFinal rule2019/03/05
Federal ReserveAmendments to Policy Statement on the Scenario Design Framework for Stress TestingStress testingFinal Rule2019/02/28
Federal ReserveStress Testing Policy StatementStress testingFinal rule2019/02/28
Federal ReserveEnhanced Disclosure of the Models Used in the Federal Reserve’s Supervisory Stress TestStress testingFinal rule2019/02/28
OCCNotification of Inflation Adjustments for Civil Money PenaltiesCMPFinal rule2019/02/26
OCC, Federal Reserve, FDICStandardized Approach for Calculating the Exposure Amount of Derivative ContractsDerivativesProposed rule2019/02/26
Federal ReserveModifying company-run stress testing requirements to conform with EGRRCPA (S. 2155)Stress testingProposed rule2019/02/20
CFPBPayday, Vehicle Title, and Certain High-Cost Installment Loans (rescinding provisions of current rule)Payday lendingProposed rule2019/02/14
CFPBCivil Penalty Inflation AdjustmentsCMPFinal rule2019/02/12
FDICNotice of Inflation Adjustments for Civil Money PenaltiesCMPFinal rule2019/02/12
FDIC, Federal Reserve, NCUA, OCC (FCA)Loans in Areas Having Special Flood HazardsFlood insuranceFinal rule2019/02/12
Federal ReserveRules of Practices for HearingsCMPFinal rule2019/02/12
NCUATechnical amendmentsGeneral wording, proceduresFinal rule2019/02/06
FDICUnsafe and Unsound Banking Practices: Brokered Deposits and Interest Rate RestrictionsBrokered depositsANPR2019/02/05
CFPBTruth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) Adjustment to Asset-Size Exemption ThresholdReg ZFinal rule2019/02/04
FDIC, Federal ReserveFinal guidance: 2019 and subsequent resolution plan submissionsResolution plansFinal guidance2019/02/01
CFPBFair Credit Reporting Act DisclosuresFCRAFinal rule2019/01/31
CFPBHome Mortgage Disclosure(Regulation C) Adjustment to Asset-Size Exemption ThresholdReg CFinal Rule2019/01/29
CFPBHome Mortgage Disclosure (Regulation C) Adjustment to Asset-Size Exemption ThresholdHMDAFinal rule2019/01/29
NCUACivil Monetary Penalty Inflation AdjustmentCMPFinal rule2019/01/16
CFPBFair Credit Reporting Act DisclosuresFCRAFinal rule2019/01/09
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCCExpanded Examination Cycle for Certain Small Insured Depository Institutions and U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign BanksExamsFinal rule2019/01/09