Community Reinvestment Act Regulations; Request for Public Input

Community Reinvestment Act Regulations; Request for Public Input
Subject: CRA
Agency: OCC
Status: Request for information
On January 9, 2020, the OCC and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the agencies) published a notice of proposed rulemaking that would amend their regulations implementing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The OCC seeks public input with this request for information to assist in determining how the proposed rule might be revised to ensure that the final rule better achieves the statute’s purpose of encouraging banks to help serve their communities by making the framework more objective, transparent, consistent, and easy to understand. Specifically, this request for information seeks bank-specific data and information to supplement currently-available data and to inform potential revisions to modernize and strengthen the CRA regulatory framework.
FR Doc: 2019-27290
Date proposed:
Comments due date:

March 10, 2020

Final rule effective date:
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