Framework for the Supervision of Insurance Organizations

Title: Framework for the Supervision of Insurance Organizations
Subject: Supervised insurance organizations
Agency: Federal Reserve
Proposed guidance; request for comments

The Board is seeking comment on a new supervisory framework for depository institution holding companies significantly engaged in insurance activities, or supervised insurance organizations. The proposed framework would provide a supervisory approach that is designed specifically to reflect the differences between banking and insurance. Within the framework, the application of supervisory guidance and the assignment of supervisory resources would be based explicitly on a supervised insurance organization’s complexity and individual risk profile. The proposed framework would formalize the ratings applicable to these firms with rating definitions that reflect specific supervisory requirements and expectations. It would also emphasize the Board’s policy to rely to the fullest extent possible on work done by other relevant supervisors, describing, in particular, the way it will rely more fully on reports and other supervisory information provided by state insurance regulators to minimize the burden associated with supervisory duplication.

FR Doc: 2022-02383
Date proposed: Jan. 28, 2022
Comments due date: April 5, 2022
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