Nominations of Fed nominees, all five of them, will be voted on by Senate panel Feb. 15

Twelve days after a confirmation hearing to consider the nominations of three to the Federal Reserve Board, the Senate panel charged with making a recommendation to the full Senate will take a vote on that group – and the nominees for chair and vice chair of the committee.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said Tuesday that the committee will hold a markup session Feb. 15 to consider the nominations of five individuals to positions on the Fed Board. Those are: Jerome H. (“Jay”) Powell for a second, four-year term as chair; Lael Brainard to a four-year term as vice chair; and Sarah Bloom Raskin, Lisa DeNell Cook, and Philip Nathan Jefferson for seats on the board.

A sixth vote will also be taken for Raskin, who has been also nominated to be vice chair for supervision, a four-year term that runs concurrently with a member’s term on the board.

If confirmed, Powell and Brainard would serve in those positions until February 2026. Their terms on the board run to 2028 and 2026, respectively. The other three, if confirmed, would serve terms that end in 2032 for Raskin, 2024 for Cook, and 2036 for Jefferson.

The committee has scheduled a confirmation hearing for Raskin, Cook, and Jefferson on Thursday.