2020 survey of bank branch office deposits available

Survey results of bank branch office deposits for all federally insured institutions as of mid-year 2020 are now available, the federal insurer of bank deposits said Friday.

The annual survey, published in the Summary of Deposits (SOD) by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), provides totals for more than 85,000 domestic bank offices operated by more than 5,000 FDIC-insured institutions, the agency said.

The SOD includes historical data starting in 1994 which may be analyzed using a variety of online tools, including reports, tables and downloads, the FDIC said. Bank offices may be located in a particular geographic area and custom market share reports may be created for areas such as state, county, and metropolitan statistical area, according to the agency. Market share reports have been expanded to allow users to see market growth and market presence for specific institutions, the FDIC said.

FDIC Releases Results of Summary of Deposits Annual Survey