With redesigned website, FDIC unveils new ‘banker resource center’ as ‘one-stop-shopping experience’

References to retail practices continue to work their way into the regulatory space, the latest being a section on the newly redesigned website of the federal insurer of bank deposits as a “one-stop shopping experience” for bankers, including directors, officers, trustees and staffers.

In a financial institution letter (FIL-62-2020) Monday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) said its newly redesigned website includes a “Banker Resource Center” which the agency described as a one-stop shop for banking officials and staff “seeking supervisory resources to promote the safe-and-sound delivery of banking services and products for their community and customers.”

Noting that the website redesign was the first in 10 years for the agency, the FDIC also noted that its banker center also has information on accounting, credit, consumer compliance, capital markets, and the Bank Secrecy Act, as well as relevant informational videos and prior webcasts and teleconferences.

Overall, the agency said, its new website design offers easier access to the agency’s most popular content.

FDIC Unveils Redesigned Website: New FDIC.gov Offers Easier Access to Information to Bankers, Consumers and Analysts