Short-Term Investment Funds

Short-Term Investment Funds
Subject: Short-term investment fund rule
Agency: OCC
Status: Interim final rule; request for comments
The OCC is adopting an interim final rule to revise the OCC’s short-term investment fund (STIF) rule (STIF Rule) for national banks acting in a fiduciary capacity. Sudden disruptions in the financial markets have created conditions that may constrain the ability of a national bank’s management team to execute certain elements of a STIF’s written investment policy, specifically with regard to investment plan components addressing the weighted average maturity and weighted average life of the STIF’s investment portfolio. The OCC is issuing this interim final rule to allow national banks to operate affected STIFs on a limited-time basis with increased maturity limits under these circumstances.
FR Doc: 2020-06293
Date proposed:
Comments due date:

May 11, 2020

Final rule effective date:

March 23, 2020; applicable beginning March 20, 2020

Rule compliance date:
Agency release:

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