Reports analyze shift to lending by ‘non-banks’ since financial crisis

The shift in some lending from banks to nonbanks is addressed in one of three reports issued by the federal insurer of deposits in banks Thursday, a project the agency called “a multi-part analysis of changes in the U.S. banking system since the 1950s, especially changes occurring since the financial crisis in 2008.”

The three reports issued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) look at “Bank and Nonbank Lending Over the Past 70 Years,” “Leveraged Lending and Corporate Borrowing: Increased Reliance on Capital Markets, With Important Bank Links,” and “Trends in Mortgage Origination and Servicing: Nonbanks in the Post-Crisis Period.

The latter two reports, the agency said, evaluate how corporate borrowing has moved between banks and capital markets; and the migration of some home mortgage origination and servicing from banks to nonbanks.

FDIC Releases Three Reports Analyzing Growth of Nonbank Lending