Assessment of Fees

Assessment of Fees
Subject: Assessments
Agency: OCC
Status: Proposed rule
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) proposes to revise its assessment rules to provide partial assessment refunds to national banks, Federal savings associations, and Federal branches and agencies of foreign banks (collectively, banks under OCC jurisdiction) that exit OCC jurisdiction within the first half of each six-month period beginning the day after the date of the second or fourth quarterly Consolidated Report of Condition and Income (Call Report). The proposed rule would not change the current dates of collection for assessments nor would it change the way in which assessments are calculated for banks that remain under the OCC’s supervision. The proposed rule would also make technical changes to the assessments rules.
FR Doc: 2019-05128
Date proposed:
Comments due date: April 19, 2019
Final rule effective date:


Rule compliance date:
Agency release:
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