Papers sought for FDIC 2019 consumer research symposium; papers due June 3

The federal bank deposit insurer on Monday invited authors to submit research papers for the agency’s 9th Annual FDIC Consumer Research Symposium, set to be held Oct. 18 at the agency’s facilities in Arlington, Va.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) symposium will facilitate discussion of recent research on consumers’ capabilities, knowledge, preferences, and experiences in markets for financial products and services, as well as the effects of public policy interventions and new regulations on consumers, households, communities, and financial institutions, the agency said in its call for papers Monday.

Among the topics expected to be covered are:

  • Access to and use of mainstream financial products and services
  • Use of alternative (nonbank) financial products and services
  • Emerging financial products and services
  • Financial literacy and capability
  • Consumption, savings, credit, and retirement decisions
  • Housing and mortgage market issues, including tenure choice, housing finance reform, and factors that influence mortgage originations or loan performance
  • Impact of recent regulatory changes on consumers or financial product markets
  • Community development or small business lending

FDIC says it welcomes submissions from a wide range of academic disciplines. Complete papers may be submitted, or authors can provide detailed abstracts that include preliminary results. “Priority will be given to papers with policy implications for consumer protection, bank supervision, or the provision of financial services by banks or other financial institutions that serve consumers,” the agency said.

All submissions should be made electronically in PDF format using the web submission form on the symposium homepage by June 3. Get more details here.

FDIC Consumer Research Symposium information page