Agency sets Oct. 18 for public budget briefing

Following the Oct. 2 release of its 2018-19 proposed budget, NCUA plans for an Oct. 18 public briefing on its spending plan, with an aim of “budget transparency” according to Board Chairman J. Mark McWatters.

In a release, the agency stated that public comments about the proposed budget could be aired at the briefing next month, following a request to the agency accompanied with written remarks by Oct. 13 (5 p.m. ET). While the NCUA Boardroom will be the venue for the briefing, the agency also plans to livestream the event via the web.

In addition, the agency stated it would accept written comments for the record about the proposed budget until Friday, Oct. 27 (5 p.m. ET). When it releases details of the proposed budget Oct. 2, NCUA also stated that it will provide the briefing agenda as well as contact information for requesting attendance and submitting comments.

“The NCUA needs to be accountable to credit unions for the use of their money, and this public briefing is a key component to how we fulfill our commitment,” said McWatters in the statement. “While final budget decisions remain with the Board, we look forward to hearing constructive comments from stakeholders. The NCUA intends to continue its prudent stewardship of its finances, but suggestions for ways to make improvements will always be considered.”

NCUA Sets Budget Briefing for Oct. 18