Otsuka nomination to NCUA Board awaits Senate confirmation

President Joe Biden’s (D) nomination of Tanya Otsuka to be a member of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board recently moved a step closer toward confirmation.

Otsuka’s nomination, along with five others, was approved by voice vote Nov. 7 (Tuesday) by the committee during executive session. If confirmed, Otsuka, currently on the committee’s staff, would succeed Rodney Hood on the NCUA Board and have a term lasting through Aug. 2, 2029.

Hood’s term expired this Aug. 2, but he is permitted to continue serving until his successor is confirmed.

The White House said Otsuka has more than a decade of experience in financial regulation and supervision. Currently senior counsel for the majority staff of the Senate Banking Committee, she reportedly has handled the committee’s work on banking and credit union issues since March 2020. She served on the banking committee staff in 2019 through the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University’s Capitol Hill Fellowship Program, on detail from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), it said. The White House said Otsuka served as a staff attorney and counsel at the FDIC.

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