Five videos updated on key issues including exams, CECL, governance

While they may never make it to the Netflix “top 10 most watched” programs, the federal insurer of bank deposits announced Tuesday it has updated five videos to help bankers, and others, better understand some current, key issues.

In unveiling its updated “Technical Assistance Video Program,” the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) said the aim was to “provide videos that convey fundamental information pertaining to various aspects of the examination process and areas of supervisory focus.” The audience was described by the FDIC as community bank directors, officers, and employees.

Offerings include:

  • Overview of the FDIC and the Examination Process;
  • Information for New Board Members;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Interest Rate Risk;
  • Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL).

The agency said the programs are available on the FDIC website and the agency’s YouTube channel.

FDIC’s Technical Assistance Video Program

FDIC YouTube channel