Data collections surpass 500 in latest compilation from federal financial research agency

More than 500 data collections from federal financial institution regulators are included in the latest catalog compiled by the Treasury’s agency for researching financial information.

The Office of Financial Research (OFR) said its 2023 Interagency Data Inventory (IDI), updated annually, holds 540 data collections. For each of the collections, according to the OFR, the IDI has basic information — such as a brief description of the collection, the collecting organization, and the name or number of the form used to collect the data.

According to the OFR, the IDI may be useful for identifying data gaps and may help the regulators (members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, or FSOC) “avoid duplication in designing new data collections.”

The agency also said the 2023 IDI has several enhancements to improve its usability, which include:

  • condensing the data type columns from seven to one;
  • including a new field that indicates whether the dataset uses the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI); and
  • implementing drop-down selectors for several columns, making the information easier to find.

OFR’s 2023 Interagency Data Inventory Catalogs More Than 500 Data Collections