N.D. credit union worker prohibited by federal regulator from further service

A former worker at a North Dakota credit union is now prohibited from serving in any capacity at a federally supervised financial institution after pleading guilty in 2021 to one count of felony theft, and ordered to pay nearly $6,300 in restitution, according to the federal credit union regulator.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) said Kaitlin Kastet, a former employee of Citizens Credit Union (CCU) — and then First Community Credit Union, after CCU was merged into it — of Jamestown, N.D. has been prohibited from service. Kastet pleaded guilty in 2021, the agency said, to one count of theft of property (possession), a class C felony in violation under state law.

She was sentenced to 12 months of supervised probation, and ordered to pay $6,293 in restitution. The state regulator, the North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions, in 2021 issued an order of suspension and removal making Kastet ineligible to be employed or able to participate in the affairs of any financial corporation, financial institution, credit union, or any other entity licensed by the regulator.

The NCUA Board’s action (effective April 4) followed up on the state regulator’s action.

Administrative Order: In the Matter of Kaitlin Kastet