Fed releases 2021 annual report, which includes its annual cavalcade of information

The Federal Reserve’s view of how 2021 played out is encapsulated in its 232-page Annual Report for the year, released Friday.

The report covers the major responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System during the last year, including monetary policy, financial stability, supervision and regulation, payments and consumer and community affairs.

The report also offers details on the number of bank holding companies, state banks, savings institutions and others that are members of the Federal Reserve (including number, assets, total inspections), total enforcement actions taken (both formal and informal), the organization of agency (including names of key position holders other than board members), and more.

Under the consumer affairs section, the report lists the number of complaints, by category, received by the Fed against state member banks and selected nonbank subsidiaries of bank holding companies received last year.

108th Annual Report of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System