Bookkeeper faces $140,000 penalty for allegedly misappropriating bank customer account funds

Prohibition and a civil money penalty of $140,000 is sought against a bookkeeper who allegedly misappropriated some $181,000 from bank customer accounts over about three years, according to an April notice of intent released Friday by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC).

The FDIC said that Khristina Ann Snider, while a bookkeeper at Shelby Savings Bank, SSB, Center, Texas, misappropriated funds from a bank customer’s demand deposit account beginning in May 2015, continuing without detection until that account was closed in May 2019 and placing the purloined funds in another account in her husband’s name. When that account closed, the notice states, she turned her attention to other customer accounts.

The notice, the FDIC said, focuses on activity occurring within the statute of limitations, which dates back to Jan. 1, 2017. It says Snider misappropriated about $62,489.23 over 246 transactions in 2017; $61,790.81 over 220 transactions in 2018; and $21,212.25 over 72 transactions in 2019. After the customer’s account was closed in 2019, the FDIC noted, Snider misappropriated funds from several other accounts, misappropriating about another $36,500. This activity occurred over a total of 68 transactions in 2019, the notice shows.

The notice states that Snider’s unsafe and unsound actions were part of a pattern of misconduct, caused the bank to suffer more than a minimal loss or damage (totaling about $181,471), involved personal dishonesty and “demonstrate Respondent’s willful and continuing disregard for the safety or soundness of the Bank.”

The FDIC is seeking to impose a $140,000 penalty and to bar Snider from any future work in insured financial institutions. The notice gives gives Snider 20 days to object to the penalty and request a hearing.

The above was one of nine actions taken in April, according to the FDIC release. The other eight include three consent orders, one order of prohibition, one order to pay civil money penalty (over federal flood insurance violations), one section 19 order, and two orders terminating consent orders.

FDIC Makes Public April Enforcement Actions