Three named to leadership positions at FDIC, as new acting chairman fills in his executive team

Three new corporate officers have been named by the new, acting chairman of the federal bank deposit insurance agency, including a chief of staff and general counsel, the agency said Wednesday.

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), its board of directors – made up of one appointive member and two by their positions as the heads of the national bank regulator and the federal consumer financial protection agency – appointed Kymberly Copa as deputy to the acting chairman and chief of staff; Daniel Bendler as deputy to the acting chairman and chief operating officer; and Harrel Pettway as general counsel.

The trio bring “deep knowledge and experience” to the roles, Acting FDIC Board Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg said in a statement. “Senior leadership, myself included, have come to rely on their trusted and expert advice over the years. I look forward to continuing to work with them as they help implement our priorities in 2022.”

The FDIC said of the new executives:

  • Copa has served as acting deputy to the FDIC Director since March 2019, providing analysis and advice on matters pending before board. Before that, she served as senior special counsel (legislative counsel and regulatory law expert) in the agency’s legal division. From August 2011 until August 2018, she served as the deputy to the chairman, where the agency said she collaborated with senior management throughout the FDIC to identify, review, and finalize matters for consideration by the board.
  • Bendler, a 31-year veteran of the agency, remains director of the Division of Administration (DOA), which provides all administrative services, including human resources management, contracting, leasing, facilities management, and security services supporting the physical and administrative infrastructure of the FDIC. Since 2019, he has been special advisor to the deputy to the chairman and chief operating officer.
  • Pettway was named senior deputy general counsel in May 2019; he was deputy general counsel before that. He joined the FDIC in July 2015 as an assistant general counsel for labor, employment, and administration, and was promoted to deputy general counsel for corporate operations in 2016, where he was responsible for advising the FDIC chairman and board members on corporate authorities, labor and employment law, contracts and procurement, the Freedom of Information Act, privacy, information security, ethics, dispute resolution, and litigation.

FDIC Announces Chief of Staff, COO, and General Counsel Appointments