OCC warns of unauthorized entities posing as bank, credit union serving FL

Entities using a “multitude” of fictitious names and websites are purporting to offer banking services in the state of Florida, according to a report circulated in an alert Tuesday by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Specifically, the OCC alert names two entities – one calling itself a bank, the other a credit union. The Florida regulator, it said, reported that both groups have been using foreign-hosted websites designed to obtain information to likely perpetrate fraud, including identity theft. “None of these entities are authorized to conduct banking business in the United States, and websites appear to spoof a legitimate financial institution,” the OCC stated.

The OCC outlined the following.

Fedro Asset Bank, N.A., purports to conduct banking business from the following addresses:

  • 10151 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Building 100, Suite 20-A, Jacksonville, FL 32256.
  • 1000 Legion Place, S-1250, Orlando, FL 32801
  • Innovation Square, 241 SW 7th Terrace, Gainsville, FL 32601
  • One Urban Centre, 4830 W. Kennedy Boulevard, S-730, Tampa, FL 33609

The known names and websites used by this group are as follows:

  • Anz Bank [www.anzfinancial.com]
  • Equitial Bank [www.equititalasset.com]
  • Fedro Bank or Fedro Asset Bank, N.A. [www.fedroassets.com]
  • Fedrox Financial Bank [www.fedroxfinancials.com]
  • Figs Financials [www.figsfinancials.com]
  • Levential Financial Bank [www.leventialfinacials.com]
  • Nelz Bank [www.nelz-shore.com]
  • Perics Bank [www.pericsfinancials.net]
  • Profitary Financial Bank [www.profitary-financials.net]
  • Reit Financial [www.reitfinancials.com]
  • Skyswift Bank [www.skyswiftfinancials.com]
  • SwissCapital [www.scpprivate.com]
  • US Collector Bank [www.usfinancecollector.com]

Ledge Community Credit Union, N.A., purports to conduct banking business from the following addresses, which correspond to a legitimate Florida Chartered financial institution:

  • 2004 E. West Parkway, Fleming Island, FL 32003
  • 1 University of North Florida Drive, Jacksonville, FL 33224
  • 11907 Lem Turner Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218

The known names and websites used by this group are as follows:

  • Flygate Financial [www.flygatefinancial.com]
  • Ledge Community Credit Union, N.A. [www.ledgecommunitycu.com]

The OCC alert encourages consumers victimized by this scam to file complaints with the appropriate agencies such as the Treasury Office of Inspector General, the State of Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Consumers League, the Better Business Bureau, and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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