FDIC sets deadlines for filing 4Q ’21 call reports

Completed call reports for fourth quarter 2021 must be submitted by insured banks and savings institutions by Jan. 30 or, for those with more than one foreign office, by Feb. 4, the federal bank deposit insurance agency said Friday.

In its financial institution letter FIL-3-2022, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) urges banks and other insured depository institutions (IDIs) to complete as early as possible the “preparation, editing, and review” of each institution’s call report data and the submission of the data to the Central Data Repository (CDR) maintained by the federal banking agencies.

“Starting your preparation early will help you identify and resolve any edit exceptions before the submission deadline,” the letter stated. “If you later find that certain information needs to be revised, please make the appropriate changes to your Call Report data and promptly submit the revised data file to the CDR.”

The letter also contains additional instructions for filing call reports.

Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income for Fourth Quarter 2021