Harper renominated as NCUA Board chairman

The president plans to renominate Todd Harper to be chairman of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board, the White House said in a release Friday.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) lauded the action in a release Monday.

Harper joined the NCUA Board in April 2019 to fill a seat last held by former Chairman Debbie Matz, who left in 2016. The seat remained vacant until former President Donald Trump (R) nominated Harper for an unexpired term that ended this April. Harper has remained on the board in holdover status since then.

According to the Federal Credit Union Act, NCUA Board members generally cannot be appointed to succeed themselves. There are a couple exceptions, however, including that someone appointed to fill an unexpired term may be reappointed for a full six-year term.

The White House included a bio with Friday’s announcement that notes Harper was the first NCUA staffer to become an NCUA board member and chairman. He had previously served as head of the agency’s Office of Public and Congressional Affairs and was the chief policy advisor to two former agency board chairmen, including Matz as well as Rick Metsger.

Harper was designated NCUA Board chairman by President Joe Biden (D) in January, succeeding Rodney Hood (R), who remains as a board member.

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