3 former credit union employees barred from future service in insured FIs

Three former employees of credit unions in Oklahoma, Nevada, and Florida are prohibited from any future service in a federally insured financial institution under actions taken in June by the National Credit Union Administration.

The agency on Thursday said it issued one prohibition notice and two orders last month. The prohibited individuals are:

  • Britany A. Carney, a former employee of Red River Federal Credit Union, Altus, Okla., who the agency said pleaded no contest and was later sentenced on the charge of embezzlement in connection with her employment at the credit union.
  • Linda Albion Galeoto, a former assistant CEO of Reno City Employees Federal Credit Union, Reno, Nev., who allegedly engaged in fraudulent loan activity, misused credit union funds, misused her personal account at the credit union, and manipulated the credit union’s general ledger to hide her activities.
  • Cara V. Ford, a former branch manager of JAX Federal Credit Union, Jacksonville, Fla., who allegedly stole $10,000 from a branch ATM and tried to conceal her actions by altering the branch’s general ledger account. (The order states that Ford was charged for felony grand theft, was referred to a pre-trial diversion program, and paid restitution.)

NCUA Issues Prohibition Notice and Orders