Looking for a bank (or data about it)? New look for online tools aimed at making it easier

If you’re looking for a bank – or information about a bank that you’ve already found – the federal insurer of bank deposits Monday unveiled new looks for doing both.

The two new bank data tools, an application programming interface (API) for data, and a updated version of the “BankFind” bank locator — made public by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), the agency said, are designed to make it “simpler for the public to connect with the FDIC.”

The agency said the new data API offers more than 1,100 call report data variables that financial institutions report quarterly. It complements, the agency said, other APIs on insured institutions including names, , events and changes, and historical and failure data. Additional Call Report data will be made available in 2021, the agency said.

The new look for “BankFind” (which offers public searches for institutions insured by the FDIC and provides detailed information on their history and location of branch offices), the agency said, resembles more of “smart phone” look, providing users access to multiple “apps,” including FDIC’s public APIs. The agency said it also makes it easier to locate banks or branch locations by institution name, URL, FDIC certificate number, ZIP Code, city, or state.

FDIC Releases New Application Programming Interface and Modernized Version of BankFind