NCUA fraud hotline now takes fraud tips online

The federal credit union regulator has modified its “fraud hotline” so those concerned about insider fraud associated with credit union employees, directors, or volunteers can submit their fraud tips to the agency via the web.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) said Wednesday that an online fraud hotline form is now available via the agency’s website. Individuals submitting their fraud concerns can do so anonymously, or they can provide contact information so agency staff can contact them to discuss those concerns. The form also will accommodate a description of the fraud and other information, the agency said.

“The NCUA encourages anyone that suspects or is aware of insider fraud at a federally insured credit union to report the information as soon as possible,” the agency said in a release. “Swift reporting minimizes risks, exposures, and losses, while supporting appropriate supervisory or administrative action against those that commit fraud or misuse their position.”

The NCUA also publishes a phone number where tips can be called in: (800) 827-9650.

NCUA Enhances Fraud Hotline; Allows Tips to be Submitted Electronically

NCUA Fraud Hotline Form