FDIC terminates bank receivership; 3 more ending soon

Termination notices on four bank receiverships have been issued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and will have all published in the Federal Register by Monday, according to available filings.

One receivership – that of Fayette County Bank, St. Elmo, Ill. – was terminated June 1, according to a notice published in the Register Friday.

The other three are to be terminated “effective no sooner than thirty days after the date of this notice,” according to the two relevant notices, which are slated to publish in the Register Monday. Those three are: Old Harbor Bank, Clearwater, Fla., which closed in October 2011; The Bank Of Union, El Reno, Okla., which closed in January 2014; and First BankAmericano, Elizabeth, N.J., which closed in July 2009.

Anyone with comments about the pending actions for any of those three needs to get them in within 30 days of the notice (which gives details on how).

Notice – Fayette County Bank

Notice – Old Harbor Bank, The Bank Of Union

Notice – First BankAmericano