Tables detail historical relationship between CRA assessments, bank lending activity

Providing insight into the historical relationship between bank lending activity and regulatory assessments related to Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) compliance is the aim of analytics data tables released Friday by the Federal Reserve.

According to the agency, the tables combine Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data, CRA small business and small farm loan data, and manually extracted data from CRA performance evaluations. Bank attributes, deposit, branching, demographic, and other third-party vendor data supplement the tables, the Fed said.

The four main CRA data tables included are:

  • Retail Loan Table, presenting HMDA Loan Application Register (LAR) and CRA small business and small farm data for depository institutions aggregated at the year, bank, and county level for years 2005 through 2017. The Fed said the table contains loan counts and amounts for originations and purchases, which can be inside or outside assessment areas by borrower or tract income.
  • Performance Evaluation (PE) Table, presenting hand-collected CRA performance evaluation data aggregated at the exam period, bank, and assessment area level for years 2005 through 2017. The table contains test ratings, exam periods, and community development loan counts and amounts, where available, the Fed said.
  • Merged Data Table, presenting the joined Retail Loan and PE Tables (from above).
  • Assessment Area (AA) Definitions Table, showing assessment area geographic data from the PE Table and CRA small business and small farm data.

CRA Analytics Data Tables