Bureau updates list of consumer reporting agencies featuring searching, filtering

An updated list of consumer reporting companies was published Thursday by the federal consumer financial protection agency, which the agency said can be filtered and searched online.

“You know your credit report is important, but the three nationwide consumer reporting companies – Equifax, TransUnion­, and Experian – aren’t the only companies that collect information on you,” the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) said in unveiling its new guide. “Other companies collect information and prepare consumer reports about you – and you have a right to see those reports. This list of consumer reporting companies gives you the details you need to take action.”

The bureau said its updated list for 2020 includes features including:

  • Information consumers need to request a report from a reporting agency.
  • Tips on what specialty reports may be important for fact-checking a consumer’s credit report.
  • Identity verification information used by consumer reporting companies to confirm the identity of a consumer seeking a report.
  • Guide to free reports (listing the companies that provide a free report at least once a year).
  • Reporting companies that provide free scores.
  • How a consumer may request a security freeze on their information.

List of consumer reporting companies