Former Regions Bank employee barred after accessing, giving customer account data to co-conspirators

Unauthorized access of customers’ account data, and sharing that data with others who illegally accessed the accounts, got a former employee of Regions Bank, Birmingham, Ala., barred permanently from ever again working in a federally insured financial institution, according to a consent order announced Tuesday by the Federal Reserve Board.

Timothy McMillian, formerly a financial relationship consultant at the bank, between February 2017 and March 2018 accessed the customer account profiles of at least four of the bank’s customers without authorization, obtained confidential customer account information, and provided that information to co-conspirators, the order states. Those co-conspirators (not named in the order) then impersonated the affected customers and unlawfully withdrew funds from their accounts, it states.

McMillian’s activities, it states, caused a financial loss to the bank and “constituted a violation of law and an unsafe or unsound banking practice.”

Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with former employee of Regions Bank