Bureau seeks new cohort for providing educational materials to ‘economically vulnerable’ people

About 40 organizations that serve “economically vulnerable” populations are being sought by the federal consumer financial protection agency in an effort to help the organizations introduce financial capability topics to the people that the serve.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) said its Office of Community Affairs – which focuses on economically vulnerable consumers, the bureau said – wants to work with the organizations in distributing the bureau’s various publications and guides “to help build the financial well-being of the people they serve.”

“If your organization serves economically vulnerable populations and you are interested in gaining more intensive support, such as training and technical assistance for your consumer financial empowerment efforts, you can apply for the ‘Your Money, Your Goals’ 2020 cohort,” the bureau said in a Monday post on its blog.

The bureau said it was looking for “approximately 40 organizations” nationwide to use the bureau’s “Your Money, Your Goals” toolkit, booklets and companion guides. CFPB said will the organizations that take part in the program will receive training, materials and technical assistance, including support to develop and execute implementation plans for “Your Money, Your Goals. “

Members of past cohorts have used innovative approaches to implement “Your Money, Your Goals” training, tailoring its use to their structure, mission, services, and the needs of the people they serve, the bureau said. They have also developed new partnerships and collaborations with other local and regional organizations, it said.

Opportunity for organizations that serve economically vulnerable populations to receive support