Reg Report takes a breather during relocation (but back by May 20)

To all of our readers (and especially our subscribers):

Thanks for visiting — and, we hope, using — Regulatory Report on a regular and even daily basis. Our mission, as we see it, is to shine a light on what the federal financial institution regulatory agencies are doing each day. It’s a mission we pursue earnestly and enthusiastically and we hope it shows.

However, the editors are taking a break for about a week as we relocate our headquarters operation. Between now and around May 20, we do not expect to post updates or issue daily reports. We recognize we could miss some important events — not the least of which is testimony next week by federal banks and credit union regulators before the Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committees. However, we will pursue updates of that event and others when we return.

In any event: all of our readers have helped to build the reach of this website. Since a year ago, our monthly readership has grown ten-fold and we continue to expand each month.

Thanks to all and we look forward to getting back at it.


The Editors

Regulatory Report