CFPB ‘Your Money, Your Goals’ cohort draws 40 new organizations

Forty community organizations and service providers have signed on as participants in the 2019 Your Money, Your Goals cohort of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the bureau announced in a blog post Thursday.

The bureau said the new cohort includes federal, state, and local government agencies; faith-based and social service organizations; organizations serving people with disabilities, native communities and those transitioning from prison; and financial providers.

CFPB works directly with established community organizations and service providers to integrate financial empowerment tools and services. Since 2013, the bureau has worked through the Your Money, Your Goals initiative to train more than 26,000 frontline staff and volunteers in organizations across the country. Tools provided through the initiative educate frontline staff and volunteers on how to help the people they serve develop cashflow budgets, review credit reports, manage debt and more, it said.

The newly revised Your Money, Your Goals toolkit is accessible online and available for free in paper format. A report is also available on outcomes of the 2016 and 2017 cohorts.

Forty organizations join the 2019 Your Money, Your Goals cohort (blog post)

Your Money, Your Goals: Applications in the Field (2016-2017)

Organizations in the 2019 Your Money, Your Goals cohort

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