OCC issues alert on counterfeit checks using Bremer Bank (MN) number

Counterfeit official bank checks using the routing number of Bremer Bank, NA, of Saint Paul, Minn. – 092005411 – are being presented for payment nationwide in connection with a variety of online auction and job opportunity scams, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) warned in a recent alert.

OCC notes there are at least four variations of counterfeit checks in circulation. Checks presented to date have been made payable in amounts between $1,880 and $7,250 and contain check serial numbers beginning in the 241100 series.

According to the alert, victims receiving checks in regard to the job opportunity scam have received one of two letters, the first regarding a purported shopper assessment job opportunity that is signed by “Greg Sturge”; and one just like it, except that it is signed by “Gary Cooper” and provides different contact information.

Counterfeit Official Bank Checks of Bremer Bank, NA, Saint Paul, Minn. (Alert 2019-1)