Credit union regulator nominees approved by panel for consideration by full Senate

Nominees for two seats on the board of the federal regulator for credit unions were approved on a voice vote by the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday; the nominations now head to the full Senate for consideration.

The two nominations for slots on the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board were among several others also approved by the committee.

If the two nominees for the NCUA Board seats – Rodney E. Hood (a Republican) and Todd M. Harper (a Democrat) – are ultimately approved by the full Senate and seated, the membership of the three-member board will be complete for the first time since 2016. Hood is nominated to take the place of Democrat Rick Metsger, whose term ended in August 2017 (he has been serving as a holdover since then). Harper would take the seat formerly held by former Chairman Debbie Matz, who left the board in 2016.

If confirmed, Hood’s term would run until August 2023; Harper’s term would run until April 2021.

The Banking Committee, in its executive session Tuesday morning, also approved for consideration by the full Senate:

  • Mark Anthony Calabria to be director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (on a party-line vote);
  • Bimal Patel to be assistant Treasury secretary for financial institutions (on voice vote);
  • Dino Falaschetti to be director of Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (on voice vote).