BCFP hopes to draw 40 organizations to 2019 ‘Your Money, Your Goals’ cohort

Volunteer organizations, financial institutions, social service organizations, educators and others are sought as applicants to the 2019 cohort of groups utilizing the consumer financial protection agency’s “Your Money, Your Goals” financial empowerment tools in efforts to serve economically vulnerable populations.

The Office of Community Affairs of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP, formerly known as CFPB) is seeking about 40 organizations from across the country that are interested in using the “Your Money, Your Goals” toolkit, issue-focused booklets, and companion guides to help people build financial well-being.

“The toolkit is designed for use in organizations that rely on staff or volunteers to coach, counsel, or mentor the people they serve,” it says.

The “Your Money, Your Goals” tools have been available through the bureau’s community affairs office (formerly the Office of Financial Empowerment) over the past four years, according to a BCFP blog post Wednesday. Specifically, the office wants to work with organizations that serve economically vulnerable populations in equipping frontline staff and volunteers to introduce financial capability topics in their meetings with those they serve.

The tools are available to a wide range of organizations, among them:

  • Public and private social service organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Legal aid organizations
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Local governments
  • Financial institutions
  • Organizations focused on entrepreneurship and economic development

Applications and related materials for the 2019 “Your Money, Your Goals” cohort should be emailed to YourMoneyYourGoals@cfpb.gov by Oct. 26 with the subject line “Your Money, Your Goals 2019.”

A webinar explaining the application process is scheduled for Sept. 27 at 3 p.m. ET; to participate, email YourMoneyYourGoals@cfpb.gov to RSVP.

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