Economics as career? Fed October event to present it as pathway to diversity, inclusion

Making better decisions with input from a wide range of backgrounds and voices around the table is the ultimate aim of an “exploring careers through economics” event for high school and college students in October by the Federal Reserve.

In a release, the agency said it is hosting the Oct. 19 “Exploring Careers in Economics” at its Washington headquarters to broaden awareness of careers in economics and to further develop a diverse pool of talent interested in the field. The event, the Fed said, will “offer students a chance to learn about and discuss opportunities in economics generally, and learn about career paths within the Federal Reserve System.”

The agency added that “diversity is a critical aspect of all successful organizations, and the Federal Reserve recognizes the value of a diverse workforce at all levels.”

To that end, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome H. (“Jay”) Powell, in the release, noted his commitment to fostering diversity throughout the Fed system. “In my experience, we make better decisions when we have a wide range of backgrounds and voices around the table,” he said.

The agency said the agenda for the event includes: discussion of why inclusion and diversity matter for economics; discussion by Fed research assistants and economists about why they chose careers in economics; and sharing of experiences about charting an economics career.

The event will be held at the Board’s Wilson Conference Center in Washington, D.C., and will be webcast live at and on YouTube.

Federal Reserve Board to host “Exploring Careers in Economics” on October 19