In wake of Quarles’ confirmation, White House wants Senate action on three other Fed nominees

Following the Senate’s confirmation Tuesday of a 14-year term for one member of the Federal Reserve Board, the White House Wednesday called for immediate action on the three other board nominees now awaiting confirmation.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, in opening comments to a press briefing at the White House Wednesday, noted the confirmation by the Senate Tuesday of Randal Quarles to a 14-year term on the Fed Board. Following that, she said the president was calling on the Senate to act on the nominations of Richard Clarida (for vice chairman of the board), Michelle “Miki” Bowman and Marvin Goodfriend (as members of the board).

“There are still three more nominees to the Fed who have yet to receive a vote,” Sanders said. “It is inexcusable that Senate Democrats have delayed confirming the president’s nominees,” Sanders said, adding the White House urges the Senate to stop delays and take action.

Goodfriend’s nomination has been pending before the Senate since Feb. 8, when the Senate Banking Committee narrowly recommended his confirmation, 13-12, largely on partisan lines.

Clarida and Bowman were recommended for confirmation June 12, when the Banking Committee voted in executive session, approving Clarida on a vote of 20-5 and Bowman on an 18-7 vote.