‘Supervision program’ RFI gets 46 comments by Monday deadline

A request for information (RFI) regarding the “supervision program” of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP) drew a total of 46 comments as of Monday, the public comment deadline, according to Regulations.gov. This RFI is one of 12 issued via Acting Director Mick Mulvaney’s “call for evidence” on how well the bureau is fulfilling its “proper and appropriate functions to best protect consumers.”

The supervision processes RFI, issued in February, invited input on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the bureau’s supervision program, as well as any recommended changes. It was the fourth RFI for which the comment deadline has closed. The other three were on civil investigative demands, which had drawn a total of 9,737 comment letters as of Monday (up from 2,401 April 26, the comment deadline); rules of practice for adjudication proceedings, with 33 comments as of Monday (comments were due May 7); and enforcement processes, with 436 comment letters as of Monday (comments were due May 14).

The next comment deadline, on “external engagements,” is May 29. So far, 16 comments have been received.

In the aggregate, as of Monday, the BCFP has received 10,568 comments letters on its 12 RFIs.