NCUA OIG posts three 2017 reports regarding misconduct of staff

The inspector general office for the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the federal regulator of credit unions, has posted three reports from 2017 that address unprofessional conduct and official misconduct by individual agency examiners or staff. The posted reports, with numerous redactions throughout, address complaints relating to conversations held with colleagues and, in the official misconduct case, complaints about abusive language directed at hotel staff.  The March 20 report (directed to the NCUA executive director and the Region 5 director) refers to official misconduct; the two May reports (both directed to the NCUA executive director and the agency’s Region 1 director) refer to unprofessional conduct.

Report of Investigation No. 17-CI-R1-04 Unprofessional Conduct, May 24, 2017

Report of Investigation No. 17-CI-R1-03 Unprofessional Conduct, May 17, 2017

Report of Investigation No. 17-CI-R5-02 Official Misconduct, March 20, 2017