Final rule to increase appraisal threshold added to deposit insurer board’s meeting agenda

Consideration of a final rule to implement an increase in the appraisal threshold for commercial real estate transactions has been added as an agenda item for the meeting of the board of the federal deposit insurer next week.

The board of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) meets in open session Tuesday at 10 a.m., in in FDIC headquarters in Washington.

The addition of the final rules on appraisals was announced Friday by the board; the original agenda was released earlier in the week.

Also on the board’s agenda for Tuesday’s meeting (as a discussion item) is an update of projected deposit insurance fund losses, income, and reserve ratios for the restoration plan.

Summary agenda items include:

  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Annual Stress Test – Applicability Transition for Covered Banks with $50 Billion or More in Assets; Technical and Conforming Changes.
  • Regulatory Capital Rules: Removal of Certain Capital Rules That Are No Longer Effective Following the Implementation of the Revised Capital Rules [Part 325].
  • Technical Amendments to Assessment Rules.
  • Adoption of FBA Policy Statement on Enforcement Action Information Sharing.
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Fiduciary Powers of State Savings Associations and Consent Requirements for the Exercise of Trust Powers.
  • Review of Regulations Transferred from the Former Office of Thrift Supervision: Part 390, Subpart I – Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance [Final Rule].
  • Final Rule regarding Removal of OTS Regulations Re: Minimum Security Procedures Amendments (Removal of part 391, subpart A, entitled Security Procedures and amend FDIC regulations to be applicable to state savings associations).
  • Summary reports, status reports, and reports of actions taken pursuant to authority delegated by the Board of Directors, and reports of the Office of Inspector General.

Any one of these items could be discussed if a member of the FDIC Board requests that an item be moved to the discussion agenda. Otherwise, FDIC said, “these matters will be resolved with a single vote.”

FDIC Board meeting agenda, March 2