Committee tackles nearly half dozen bills aimed at ‘reg relief’

Markup of nearly two dozen bills related to financial services and its regulation began Wednesday by the House Financial Services Committee, with members debating many of measures scheduled to be debated and voted on at the hearing.

Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) opened the hearing by saying the overarching aim of the 23 bills under consideration was to promote access to capital and reduce regulatory burden – including that on community financial institutions, which he said, “we are still regrettably losing one a day in America.”

Hensarling, in remarks aimed at his committee’s members, said that most of these bills being considered were for providing help to smaller banks, credit unions and early growth companies. “These are goals that every Democrat and Republican on this committee has said they support,” he said. “So this markup gives all members of the committee the opportunity to make their actions align with their words. They can cast their votes with what they have publicly said they support.”

The markup continued late Wednesday afternoon.

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