HMDA data broken down in Fed Report

Home loan lending is broken down by institutions — including banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and others — in a table included in report by the Federal Reserve scheduled to be published by the Federal Reserve.

Published in the Fed’s Residential Mortgage Lending in 2016: Evidence from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data, the table lists statistics for home purchases and refinances for the financial institutions in a number of areas, including conventional loans, loans to low- to moderate-income borrowers, loans to minority borrowers, and more.

The information in the table below appears in Table 10 (page 34) of the Fed’s Evidence from the 2016 HMDA Data report; it is sortable by column category, can be expanded to view all of the rows in the table (not just the first five), and is searchable by terms. A link to the full report is immediately below.

Federal Reserve’s Residential Mortgage Lending in 2016: Evidence from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data

Type of activitySmall bankLarge bankCredit UnionAffiliated mortgage companyIndependent mortgage companyAll
Number of institutions3,0337721,9391318876,762
Applications (thousands)8944,0591,1905677,21613,926
Originations (thousands)6512,5737243844,0468,378
Purchases (thousands)231,099181829102,232
Number of institutions with fewer than 100 loans1,6301361,02525842,900
Fewer than 100 loans: Originations (thousands)66.95.940.50.93.4117.5
Number of institutions with fewer than 25 loans5573937411371,018
Fewer than 25 loans: Originations (thousands)
Home-purchase loans (thousands)2469482152101,8453,463
Home-purchase: Conventional71.977.386.758.049.161.3
Home-purchase: Higher-priced share of conventional loans10.
Home-purchase: LMI borrower28.121.825.229.227.926.2
Home-purchase: LMI neighborhood412.412.013.213.415.514.1
Home-purchase: Non-Hispanic white579.168.469.269.662.966.4
Home-purchase: Minority borrower13.018.715.817.024.521.1
Home-purchase: Sold75.271.548.
Refinance loans (thousands)1791,0072771301,7443,338
Refinance: Conventional83.591.796.071.562.875.7
Refinance: Higher-priced share of conventional loans6.
Refinance: LMI borrower17.117.321.215.616.016.9
Refinance: LMI neighborhood49.510.512.811.513.112.0
Refinance: Non-Hispanic white82.268.968.969.360.465.2
Refinance: Minority borrower8.516.915.114.919.617.6
Refinance: Sold73.970.539.697.298.584.0