Regulators/boards; names, positions, term expirations

Regulators/positions, term ending dates (nominations)

Names, positions and term-ending dates for federal financial institution regulators
CFPBDirectorKraninger, Kathleen ("Kathy") 2023, December

FDICChairmanMcWilliams, Jelena2023, May
FDICVice Chairman(Vacant)(Vacant)
FDICDirector (Appointive)Gruenberg, Martin2018, December
FDICDirector (Comptroller of the Currency)Otting, Joseph2022, Nov.
FDICDirector (CFPB Director)Kraninger, Kathleen2023, December
Federal ReserveVice ChairmanClarida, Richard2022, Jan.
Federal ReserveMemberBrainard, Lael2026, Jan.
Federal ReserveChairmanPowell, Jerome2028, Jan.
Federal ReserveVice Chairman for supervisionQuarles, Randal2032, Feb.
Federal ReserveMemberBowman, Michelle "Miki" 2020, Jan.
Federal ReserveMember(Vacant)(Vacant)
Federal ReserveMember(Vacant)(Vacant)
NCUAChairman McWatters, J. Mark2019, Aug.
NCUAMemberMetsger, Rick2017, Aug. (Rodney Hood re-nominated for Metsger's seat, Jan. 2019)
NCUAMember(Vacant) (White House Feb. 9 nominates Democrat Todd M. Harper to remainder of six-year term ending April 10, 2021)2021, April
OCCComptroller of the Currency Otting, Joseph 2022, Nov.

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