Federal Register, Tuesday, Jan. 17:

In today’s Register: Credit union agency monthly meeting agenda, a final rule on amendments to the Sudanese Sanctions Regulations authorizing all prohibited transactions, and a proposed rule for Customs and Border Patrol to prescribe regulatory procedures for  donation of technologies, training, or other support services for the purpose of assisting the agency

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Terminations of Receivership:

10359—Community Central Bank Mount Clemens, MI

FR Document: 2017-00767; Citation: 82 FR 4880; PDF, Page 4880 (1 page)



National Credit Union Administration


Meetings; Sunshine Act

FR Document: 2017-01015; Citation: 82 FR 4925; PDF, Page 4925 (1 page)



Foreign Assets Control Office


Sudanese Sanctions Regulations

FR Document: 2017-00844; Citation: 82 FR 4793; PDF, Pages 4793-4794 (2 pages)




Blocking or Unblocking of Persons and Properties

FR Document: 2017-00761; Citation: 82 FR 4967; PDF, Page 4967 (1 page)



Treasury Department

Proposed Rule

Donations of Technology and Support Services to Enforce Intellectual Property Rights

FR Document: 2017-00653; Citation: 82 FR 4800; PDF, Pages 4800-4803 (4 pages)


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