Regulators/positions, term ending dates (nominations)

Names, positions and term-ending dates for federal financial institution regulators
BCFPDirectorMulvaney, John "Mick"; acting (Appointed by President Donald Trump, Nov. 24, '17)

June 20: President Donald Trump nominates Kathy Kraninger as next, permanent, director of agency.
2018, June 22 (with Kraninger nomination, acting director may then stay in office for 210 days, or until nomination is confirmed)
FDICChairmanMcWilliams, Jelena2023, May
FDICVice Chairman(Vacant)(Vacant)
FDICDirector (Appointive)Gruenberg, Martin2018, December
FDICDirector (Comptroller of the Currency)Otting, Joseph2022, Nov.
FDICDirector (BCFP Director)Mulvaney, Mick
Federal ReserveVice ChairmanClarida, Richard2022, Jan.
Federal ReserveMemberBrainard, Lael2026, Jan.
Federal ReserveChairmanPowell, Jerome2028, Jan.
Federal ReserveVice Chairman for supervisionQuarles, Randal2032, Feb.
Federal ReserveMemberBowman, Michele "Miki" 2020, Jan.
Federal ReserveMemberGoodfriend, Marvin (nominee)(Vacant)
Federal ReserveMemberLiang, Jean Nellie (nominee)2024, Jan. 31
NCUAChairman McWatters, J. Mark2019, Aug.
NCUAMemberMetsger, Rick2017, Aug.
NCUAMemberHood, Rodney
2023, Aug.
OCCComptroller of the Currency Otting, Joseph 2022, Nov.

As of Sept. 4, 2017:

Following are the bodies, titles, names and expiration of terms (where applicable) of the leadership of the federal financial institution regulatory agencies.

As of June 29, 2017:


Director: Richard Cordray; July, 2018


Board of Directors

Chairman: Martin J. Gruenberg; November, 2017

Vice Chairman: Thomas M. Hoenig; March, 2018

Director (Appointive): (Vacant)

Director (Comptroller of the Currency): Keith Noreika (acting comptroller)

Director (Director, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau): Richard Cordray; July, 2018

Federal Reserve System

Board of Governors

Chair: Janet Yellen; Feb., 2018

Vice Chair: Stanley Fischer; June, 2018

Member: Lael Brainard; Jan., 2026

Member: Jerome H. Powell; Jan., 2028

Member: Vacant

Member: Vacant

Member: Vacant


Board of Directors

Chairman: Mark McWatters; Aug., 2019 (Note: Named chairman June 27, 2017)

Member: Rick Metsger; Aug., 2017

Member: Vacant


Comptroller of the Currency:

Keith Noreika (Acting) (Note: Appointed acting comptroller May, 2017)